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with Automation and Virtual Assistants!

Introducing JVWM Auto Pilot 2.0 (Powered by Lead Mining!)

Hire the Only Automated Real Estate Investing Virtual Assistant Service You'll Ever Need.

Powered with Automation and Results, It's a Numbers Game and Our "Done-For-You" Program Has Got You Covered.

Whether you are:

  • Starting From Scratch. You don't have properties or buyers and want it all done for you.

  • Halfway There. You have solid cash buyers local to you and you want to get local properties under contract on autopilot.

  • Or want a Piece of the Pie. You have solid cash buyers and want to JV on already contracted properties.

There's a place for you in our program!


JVWM Autopilot L.A.N.D

(Licensed Agent Network Depot)

Where Brokers, Realtors, Agents, and other licensed real estate professionals can gain access to HOT Qualified Retail Leads generated through the Autopilot program.

Discover the Fastest Way to Close 10x More Real Estate Wholesale Deals

Watch the video below to see why this new tool is something I can't live without:


New benefits added constantly! Here's just a few. Join our EXCLUSIVE Network of ELITE Real Estate Wholesalers and enjoy...


Benefit #1

Automation! We use a proprietary matching algorithm to automatically match our in-network wholesalers for Joint Venture deals based on their inventory. These are not matches based on "potential". These are based on true active current inventory. 

So you’re matched to get working on closing deals right away.


Benefit #2

Focus! You can concentrate on what you're good at. For some, that is talking to motivated sellers. For others, its building and nurturing a very strong cash buyers list. And for still others, you may be good at both but the challenge is acquiring both kinds of leads that actually match.


Benefit #3

Protection! As an added protection, when you’re creating your match portfolio, you DO NOT disclose buyer names or contact info, or property address info. So your inventory is safe. You can even take advantage of the optional FCRA compliant background check feature if you so choose.


Benefit #4

X No "Finders Fee"

No Fee Per Introduction

No Fee Per Real Estate Transaction


*In fact, we DO NOT make any money on the property deals you make when you are matched. 

**There is no exclusivity clause so you are free to do future deals with your confirmed match(es) moving forward.



  • Complete your match portfolio by adding your buyer and/or property inventory.


  • ....

    Receive instant match notifications when an in-network wholesaler adds a property that matches your buyers' criteria or a buyer that matches your properties.

  • Send a "wave" to the matches that peak your interest.


  • ....

    Once your match waves back, both of your portfolios are unlocked so you can view each other's inventory, preferences, etc. (But not contact info)

  • Send a "handshake" to the matches you'd like to move forward with to JV.


  • ....

    Once your match shakes your hand back, you both secure your connection with a match agreement and get access to each other's contact information (Name, Email, Phone, Website). You're a Confirmed Match!

  • Go Close Some Deals and Get Paid!




It's everything you need to run a successful real estate investing business.

  • JVWM Wholesaling Academy

    From Registering Your Business to Marketing and Deal Analysis to Closing Deals and Everything in Between. Learn how to set up your Real Estate Wholesaling business for success ON A BUDGET!

  • Your Very Own Virtual Assistant

    Your biggest time saver! Get virtually everything done for you! No need to train your Virtual Assistant as they're already well trained in REI. New to wholesaling? Your knowledgeable VA can offer suggestions. If you value your time and would like your business to run even while you are away, investing in a Virtual Assistant is the way to go.

  • Resources!

    Get access to incredible resources like contracts, forms, inspection sheets, scripts, calculators, auction inventory, boots on the ground, Q&A, and lots more... With more resources added constantly!

  • Get Funded!

    FREE Instant Access Deal Funding. Your funding problem... Solved!

    If you need funding for any type of real estate investment, we have you covered.

    You can have private & hard money lenders COMPETE for your business. Helping you get the best rate and terms. ​

    It is about time someone made it easy to find NON-BANK funding for real estate investments. Easily find capital partners.

  • Leads!

    (Now with Skip Tracing!)

    Many find it hard to find motivated seller leads and the lead lists they do get are usually the same outdated lists everyone else uses. With JVWM Leads you get fresh lead lists of all kids, all in one place (24 different lead types to be exact). Pre-Probates, Probates, Inheritance, Divorce, Evictions, Code Violations, and Tax Delinquents, Absentees, Cash Buyers List (as in recently purchased a property all cash), Distressed Properties, Expired Listing, For Sales By Owner (FSBO), Foreclosures, Free and Clear Properties, HOA, Insurance Expired, Judgment, Mortgage, Negative equity, Obit, Pre Foreclosures, Quit Claim deed, Rental Properties, Vacant. Your search is over. You can get it all with JVWM Leads.

  • *NEW* Skip Tracing!

    With JVWM Skip Tracing, you can have any lead list skip traced for phone numbers AND email ids, whether its our lead list or not!


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Virtual Assistant Features

Add-On a well trained REI Virtual Assistant!

  • Manage Your Joint Venture Wholesaling Matchmaker Portfolio

    Your Virtual Assistant will manage your portfolio, adding inventory at your request, screening matches, communicating with interested wholesalers, etc.

  • Skip Tracing

    If you rather have your VA do your skip tracing instead of using our JVWM Skip Tracing feature because, for instance, you already have skip tracing software, your Virtual Assistant can help you locate and contact the owners of vacant properties or absentee owners, those hard to find owners, that is!

  • Client Services

    Your VA is well trained when it comes to handling email and customer relations tasks. An imperative skill is how to handle clients the best way possible.

  • Property Analysis / Broker's Price Opinion (BPO)

    Your Virtual Assistant will determine the potential selling price​ ​or estimated value​ ​of a real estate property.​ Take advantage of their skills in property inspection, market evaluation, and property pricing.

  • Run Comps /Market Analysis

    Your Virtual Assistant will establish the value of a potential home or property through market analysis.

  • Social Media Management

    Your Virtual Assistant will maintain your social media websites with relevant content to help you reach a broader audience.

  • Content Management

    Your VA can manage various contents like blog posting, Press Releases, and News Articles. As they say, content is king.

  • Data Entry

    Concentrate on the most important task and leave the repetitive ones to us, your VA can do the tasks that you don’t want to do, like data entry.

  • Inbound and Outbound Calls

    Your Virtual Assistant will reach out to and follow up with potential clients that you have obtained from various sources utilizing a VOIP communication system and/or accept calls from your potential buyers or motivated sellers.

  • Pre-Screening Sellers and Buyers

    Your Virtual Assistant will identify prospects that are motivated to sell their homes so you can spend time with your most valuable leads/clients.

  • Lead Generation

    Your VA is well trained in installing various methodologies in generating qualified leads for your business to grow. We don’t just give names, we give contacts that convert.

  • Build and Nurture Buyers List

    Your VA can specifically build and manage database of buyers. This will ensure a lasting relationship with your clients and repeat businesses are always on the table.

  • CRM Management

    Your Virtual Assistant will consolidate leads information and documents into your database so you can more easily access, manage, and track performance and productivity.

  • Email Marketing

    Your Virtual Assistant will help you welcome, re-engage, and follow up with your leads whether you need to sell your property, share some big news, or tell a story.

  • Website Management

    Your Virtual Assistant will make sure your website is working for you and your customers, optimized for mobile devices, fast and reliable, and is getting found in Google and generating inquiries.

Your VA Can Do Even More!

These project based tasks can be added on for a separate fee per project.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Your Virtual Assistant will find terms and phrases (keywords) that generate traffic to your website, making your site friendly to search engines, building links and market the unique value of your site. It’s making sure your website is structured in a way that search engines understand.

  • Build Your Website

    Your Virtual Assistant will build your website from the ground up.

  • Bookkeeping

    Your Virtual Assistant is responsible for recording and classifying the accounting transactions of your business firm. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation.

  • Graphic Design

    Tell your Virtual Assistant  your vision and they will design it for you.

  • And More!

    Just describe your unique situation and what you want completed and we'll let you know if we can accomplish it.

 JVWM Lead Lists 

Motivated Seller and Buyer Leads From All Across The Country!

(Now with Skip Tracing!)

Stop buying the same outdated leads as everyone else. Get motivated real estate seller and buyer leads from more than 1000 counties in the country. Data within 24 hours from the date of filing at the county clerk websites. Manually pulled by our experts! List delivered within 3 days of purchase.



PREMIUM LEADS. (As low as 29 cents each!)

Pre-Probates, Probates, Inheritance, Divorce, Evictions, Code Violations, and Tax Delinquents.

What are Probates ?

What is an Inheritance Lead ?

What is a Divorce Lead ?

What are Evictions ?

What are Code Violations ?

What are Tax Delinquent Leads ?



STANDARD LEADS. (As low as 13 cents each!)

Absentees, Cash Buyers List, Free and Clear Properties, Mortgage, Insurance Expired Listing, Distressed Properties, For Sales By Owner (FSBO), Foreclosures, HOA, Insurance Expired, Judgment, Negative equity, Obit, Pre Foreclosures, Quit Claim deed, Rental Properties, Vacant

Absentees ?

What Kind of Cash Buyer Leads ?

Free and Clear Properties ?

Mortgage ?

Insurance Expired Listing ?

And More!



*NEW* SKIP TRACING ADD-ON. (As low as 6 cents each!)

Now your Mailing Lists can double as Cold Calling lists. Append phone numbers AND email Id's.


Add Skip Tracing to the lead lists you order from us...




Provide your own list to be skip traced!


What people are saying.

A. S.


I love being a part of your network… It is the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge and make the proper connections.

A. K.


Anything can be accomplished with a plan, motivation, massive action and this network!

G. Z.


This is great for my virtual wholesale model and seeking boots on the ground and co wholesalers in other cities.

Plans & Pricing

No commission fee or contract. You can cancel anytime.

Free Membership



Join network

Get matched (Unlimited)

Send 5 "WAVES" to your matches to gain access to their portfolio


FREE Instant Access Deal Funding

Free Trial - Auction Inventory

FREE Contracts & Resources

Access to JVWM Virtual Assistants

Access to JVWM Leads

Premium Membership



per month

(Special Discount Given with VA Add-On)

Join network

Get matched (Unlimited)

Send UNLIMITED "WAVES" to your matches to gain access to their portfolio

Send UNLIMITED "HANDSHAKES" to the matches you choose! Get full access to each other's contact info when they reciprocate the "handshake".

This is your golden ticket! 

"Premium Member" Badge This is a BIG deal because it lets your matches know you're serious!

Priority Email Support


FREE Instant Access Deal Funding

Free Trial - Auction Inventory

FREE Premium Resources All Contracts, Forms, Documents,  Calculators, Scripts, and More!

Access To JVWM Virtual Assistants

Access To JVWM Leads


*NEW* Access To JVWM Skip Tracing

JVWM Wholesaling Academy From Registering Your Business to Marketing to Closing Deals and Everything in Between. Learn how to set up your REI business for success ON A BUDGET! 

LIMITED TIME BONUS: Complimentary 6 Day, 5 Night Vacation Package Our gift to you as a way of saying WELCOME to the JVWM family!

Virtual Assistant Add-On


per month

Add this on to all the great features you're getting with your current membership.

Even add it to your FREE MEMBERSHIP

VIP HelpDesk Support (Email, Live Chat, Phone)

Your Very Own Virtual Assistant Your biggest time saver! Get virtually everything done for you by a well trained REI Virtual Assistant! If you value your time and would like your business to run even while you are away, investing in a Virtual Assistant is the way to go.

We know One Size does NOT fit all. So pick the plan that works for you!


Special discount on Premium membership Virtual Assistant clients get 75% off the premium membership cost.


JVWM Wholesaling Academy


Want a sneak peek of the Joint Venture Wholesaling Matchmaker Wholesaling Academy? For a limited time, we're pulling back the curtains.... just a little bit ;). Sign up for access!



Can I get the Virtual Assistant Add-On as a Free Member ?

How is this different from all the other networking communities out there for Real Estate Investors ?

Will the price go up ?

So... What's the catch ?

Is there a guarantee ?

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